(verb) to change or revise a law or contract.
"After the victim had died from the stab wounds inflicted by the defendant, the prosecutor amended the indictment, which had charged the defendant with assault, to charge him with murder."
Synonyms: modify / alter
modify: "The parties modified the contract by changing the rates and delivery times."
alter: "There was no evidence to show that the contract had been altered as alleged by the plaintiff."
amendment (noun) the change made to a law or contract. "The 26th amendment to the US Constitution set the voting age at 18."
to amend a statute - to change a law. "The legislature decided to amend the privacy protection statute to prohibit disclosure of marital status."
to amend a complaint - to change the substance of the initial pleading filed in a lawsuit. "The plaintiff amended his complaint to include income lost as a result of the accident."
Related words
amends (noun) - redress for a wrong or
Source: Translegal