Disparate (adjective) = Incompatibly different or incongruous in character or make-up.

Usage: Today's word gives us two meanings for the price of one: "disparate" is semantically is a combination of "distinct" and "separate." If Elmer's business personality and home personality are not the same, they may be distinct but still compatible. If his two personalities are disparate, they share little or nothing in common. This adjective has two nouns: "disparity," which refers to the specific difference between two things, and "disparateness," which reflects the simple fact that two objects are incompatibly different.

Suggested Usage: This word offers a subtle way around the negative connotations of "hypocritical": "Thalia seems to have disparate attitudes about the dangers of sunning when she is talking to her friends and when she is alone at the beach." Remember that unlike "difference," "disparity" implies incompatibility, "Their attitudes toward art and sports are so disparate they could never be friends." With different or even distinct attitudes, friendship would still be possible.

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