"Fiscal cliff" heard round the world:

 how the term translates across the globe
Argentina:              abismo fiscal
Brazil:                      abismo fiscal (Portugal: "penhasco fiscal")
Denmark                 Afgrundens rand /Økonomisk afgrund / den Finansielle afgrund og "Afgrunden".
England                   in British English it is "WTF are those idiots in the US doing now"
France                     le fiscal cliff / mur de la dette (literally debt wall or “mur budgétaire", or literally, budgetary wall
Germany                 Fiskalklippe / sparbombe (actually, this sounds even scarier than a cliff)
Indonesia                jurang fiskal (which in Indonesian actually translates as "fiscal abyss"
Ireland                    fiscal baby step ("You think that is a fiscal cliff, you should see what we went over in 2008" )
Italy:                        abisso fiscale
Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia     fiskalna litica
Norway                   budsjettstupet  (budget ravine)
Portugal:                 Penhasco fiscal
Spain:                      precipicio fiscal
Sweden                   stupet (the idea of a ravine also holds sway) / finansiella stupet / budgetstupet
Thailand                  หน้าผาทางการคลัง". It pronounces "Nah-pah-tarng-karn-klang"
The Netherlands    Belastingkloof  / begrotingsravijn / begrotingsafgrond / fiscale kloof
Turkey                     mali uçurum (Turkish) (i.e.: capital flight... literally, money running away)