Olympic [27 Jul-12 Aug] / Paralympic Games [29 Aug–9 Sep]

      Ancient Greeks used wreaths for decoration, as gifts, and to honor athletes and other heroes. Today, winning marathon runners are still crowned with fragrant laurel wreaths, and Olympic champions receive large floral bouquets. 
In addition to a medal, each winner is given a tiny bouquet. Why?
       Back in the day, the Ancient Greeks gave laurels to their Olympians. These bouquets, which have been used since at least the 1984 Winter Games, are the modern-day equivalent. British florist Jane Packer won the contract to make all 4,400 of them. The flowers within – four strains of English rose divided by lines of lavender, rosemary, mint and wheat – are supposed to evoke the British countryside, and they've been wrapped by students from three different schools in the south-east.