"You know you're a freelance translator when...

…you consider yourself really lucky, because you work at home and have a ten-foot commute.
…you consider yourself really unlucky, because you work at home, so you never get to go home from work.
…coffee is a legitimate business expense.
…you have not actually laid eyes on any of your clients.
…you think of time as an elastic concept that will stretch to cover whatever crazy amount of work you take on.
"...you have four projects due at 6 PM ... fortunately, one is 6 PM Eastern Standard Time, one is 6 PM Berlin time, one is 6 PM Moscow time, and one is 6 PM Tokyo time.
…you would give your right butt cheek for a comfortable office chair.
…you can sleep sitting up and type with your eyes closed— all at the same time.
…your idea of exercise is getting up to refill your coffee mug, and of a good workout is when you forget to take the coffee mug with you the first time so you have to return to get it.
"...you finish chatting with the barista at Starbucks and know that that's going to be the extent of your conversation for the day.
"...a little break from work usually involves dishes or laundry or cat litter.
"...a T-shirt and sweatpants constitute formal business attire; for casual Fridays, you just stay in your pajamas."
"...one word can require hours of research, but despite getting paid just a few cents for that one word, you do the research anyway.
...not only you do know the difference between a participle and a gerund - you actually care."
- How true!
Source: http://www.proz.com/forum/translation_theory_and_practice/177064-slavfile_newsletter%3A_you_know_youre_a_freelance_translator_when.html