adjective = not genuine; spurious; Fraudulently or deceptively imitative: counterfeit, fake, false, fraudulent, phony, sham, spurious, suppositious, supposititious.

Obama's bogus job summit announcement. = What do you do when you need to act like you are doing something but you are actually not doing anything? Call a summit. President Obama plans to hold a White House forum on job creation next month, an attempt to signal his concern about the growing ranks of the unemployed and build consensus on future action to stoke the economy. The summit will bring together small-business owners, corporate executives, economists, financial experts and union leaders to discuss ideas for accelerating job creation during the worst labor market conditions in a generation, Obama said Thursday. (http://www.narbosa.com/2009/11/obamas-bogus-job-summit-announcement.html)

Computer programs: Not working. Court Halts Bogus Computer Scans = According to the FTC, the scheme has tricked more than one million consumers into buying computer security products such as WinFixer, WinAntivirus, DriveCleaner, ErrorSafe, and XP Antivirus. The court also froze the assets of those responsible for the scheme.

Bogus callers: Most people who call at your home will be genuine. But sometimes, people turn up unannounced with the intention of tricking their way into your home to steal your valuables and money. It's a common scenario: somebody knocks on your door and tells you their car has broken down, and asks to use your phone to call the recovery service. Whilst inside your home, they distract you and steal your belongings.The only problem? It's a scam.
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