(verb) to disclose, divulge, or make known.
"Further enquiry revealed that the plaintiff was aware of the risk that the property was polluted."
disclose: "All material information had to be disclosed to the court."
divulge: "The lawyer had an obligation not to divulge the contents of his client's case."
exposed: "An in-depth investigation exposed the illegal activities of the mayor."
conceal: "The client could not conceal his disappointment on losing the case."
cover up: "Everyone suspected that the CEO was trying to cover-up his mistake so as not to have to answer to the Board."
hide: "Management could no longer hide the fact that the company was having financial difficulties."
Other forms of the word
revelation (noun) 1. making known that which was previously secret. "The dishonest activities of the lawyer were a revelation to his clients." 2. discovering something different to your expectations. "The skill of the lawyer was a revelation to his colleagues."
revealing (adjective) allowing or giving an understanding or view of that which was previously hidden. "The lawyer had a revealing conversation with his client."
Fonte: Translegal